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Tell a Lie Day (April 4th): Hearing Aids Cause Hearing Loss!

April 4, 2018

This is a statement we hear frequently. A common misconception is that hearing aids worsen your hearing capability when not using your devices. In fact, using hearing aids has been proven to help delay the natural progression of hearing loss! Without getting overly technical, when you don’t address hearing loss your brain essentially “forgets” how […] Continue reading →

Healthy Hearing Study Sampling the Invisibel 2 by Audibel

January 18, 2016

Robillard Hearing Centre was intrigued when AUDIBEL released the Invisibel 2 iic. This hearing solution is the world’s first custom-fit Invisible-in-the-Canal hearing aids. The devices fit deep in your ear canal where no one can see them. These devices provide a variety of benefits using the unique embedded design that decreased the size of the […] Continue reading →

580 CFRA – Experts On Call w. Norman Jack and JB Robillard (Jan 09, 2016)

January 13, 2016

When: January 9, 2016 (Original Air Date) Who: Norman Jack (Host) and JB Robillard of Robillard Hearing Centres Segment 01 (06:41) Norman Jack introduces JB Robillard of Robillard Hearing Centres. They discuss JB’s recent mission with the Starkey Foundation in the Philippines as well as how the Foundation helps you recycle your hearing aids. Did […] Continue reading →

Perth Grand Opening – January 26, 27, 28

January 9, 2016

Click above to download PDF Continue reading →

2015 Starkey Foundation – Philippines

December 17, 2015

J.B. spent a few weeks of November in the Philippines participating in the Starkey Foundation efforts – a most rewarding experience! Visit our Facebook Page to see even more awesome images! Continue reading →