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Save $500 per aid on the advanced Muse iQ IIC i2400 series

The Starkey Muse iQ IIC hearing aid is so small that you’ll be the only one who knows you’re wearing it.

The Starkey Muse iQ IIC is a premium hearing aid that delivers maximum sound quality in one of the world’s smallest devices. Featuring the latest Acuity Immersion Directionality, the hearing aid is designed to restore the natural directional awareness benefits provided by the ear and ultimately improve speech audibility in challenging listening situations.

Other key features include:

  • Hearing aid fits entirely in your ear canal
  • Virtually invisible to everyone else
  • Custom made to fit your ear canal
  • Dual processor provides premium sound quality

A custom fit that’s virtually invisible

The Muse iQ IIC fits completely inside your ear canal, making it virtually invisible to anyone else around you. We take impressions of your ears to make the hearing aid fit perfectly.

Save $500 per aid

For a limited time we’re offering a savings of $500 per aid on the advanced Muse iQ IIC i2400 series (premium technology level) hearing aids. To take advantage of this special offer, contact one of our 11 locations or complete the form below.

Muse iQ IIC Savings Offer

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