Audibel Hearing Aids


The only 100% custom, invisible, digital and fully programmable hearing aid.

Audibel Invisibel invisible in the canal hearing aidsWe are happy to introduce the new line of hearing aids by Audibel – the InvisibelTM, in-the-canal hearing aids that fit so well inside the canal of the ear that they are virtually invisible.

They are completely digital and programmable as well, making them one of the most advanced hearing aids on the market. They feature special technology to eliminate buzzing and whistling, and with Active Noise Control to help focus in on speech while filtering out noise.

They also use the T² Remote Control, allowing you to control your volume and settings from your mobile phone. Active Frequency Control also helps to automatically adjust high or low frequency sounds to an audible level.

Here are some of the benefits of using the Invisbel hearing aids by Audibel:
  • Engineered for clear phone conversations
  • Enjoy virtually no annoying whistling or buzzing
  • Enjoy comfortable, customized fit
  • Designed to be removed daily to promote better ear health

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