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Hearing Study 2017

We’re looking for 200 people who are experiencing hearing loss to evaluate the most advanced rechargeable hearing aids risk-free for 60 days.

Is this study for me?

We’re looking for qualified candidates to help us trial the latest in rechargeable hearing aid technology. If you answer yes to these three questions, you should apply to be a participant.

  • You’re experiencing hearing loss that is treatable with hearing aids
  • This would be your first pair of hearing aids OR you are interested in upgrading from your current pair
  • You would like to try rechargeable hearing aids

Why should I participate?

For helping us with our study you’ll receive $500 off per hearing aid and a free Surflink Mobile II remote control.*
* This offer applies to the i2400 platinum rechargeable model. Savings are also available for the i2000 and i1600 rechargeable models, please see store for more details.

What happens in the study?

Your hearing will be tested twice, once prior to being fitted for hearing aids, and once after your 60-day trial. Your hearing test results will be recorded anonymously and will be calculated together with all other study participants. Robillard Hearing Centres and Starkey Canada will use the hearing test data to continue to improve our hearing solutions.

What hearing aid will I be testing?

You’ll get to try one of the most advanced rechargeable hearing aids on the market, the Starkey Muse with ZPower. You simply set your hearing aids on the ZPower charger overnight, instead of replacing your batteries every few days.