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Christmas is a special time to be with family and friends. But for someone with a hearing loss, Christmas can be overwhelming.

At Robillard’s we have the latest hearing solutions designed to enable you to hear in all situations, including loud Chrismas parties. The best part is, you can try these solutions before buying them, so you can know exactly how we can help you.

Don’t let your hearing loss affect your holidays.  Take advantage of our free trial and Christmas savings. Discover why at Robillard’s we like to say Hearing Is Believing!

Free 1 Week Trial + Save up to $1000 off a pair of Opn 1 S hearing aids, till the End of December!

Hear Better, Live Better at Robillard Hearing Centres

Oticon Opn S gives you a 360° sound experience​

From focus on one to multiple speakers

Previously, most hearing aids coped with noisy environments by focusing on one speaker – typically the one in front of you. Now, the technology in Oticon Opn S gives you access to the relevant sounds around you, including speech, and puts you in charge of which sounds you want to focus on.

The result of this life-changing technology is that you will understand speech even better, with less effort. This lets you join in and keep up with conversations – even in challenging listening environments like a family dinner, or when visiting a restaurant.*

* Juul Jensen 2019, Oticon Whitepaper

New Oticon Opn S hearing aids help you break free of restrictions and join the conversation in difficult listening environments.

A 360° sound experience
Oticon Opn S comes with improved technology giving your brain access to the relevant sounds around you.

Closing a gap to normal hearing
Studies prove that Oticon Opn S users can experience speech understanding at the same level as people with normal hearing in noisy environments.

Rechargeable hearing aids
A stylish rechargeable solution that you recharge at night for a full day of hearing.

No more whistling sounds
A groundbreaking feature makes Oticon Opn S able to detect and prevent annoying whistling sounds before they even occur.

Easy connection to your phone and other devices

Oticon Opn S is more than a hearing aid. It’s a piece of wearable technology that makes it easier to connect to your favourite devices.

Hands-free phone calls for any modern smartphone

With ConnectClip, it’s easy to make hands-free calls with iPhone®, Android™ or any other modern smartphone. ConnectClip transmits the caller’s voice to your hearing aids, while the built-in microphone clearly transmits what you say to the caller.

Music in high-quality stereo sound

Your hearing aids become high-quality, wireless headphones, so you can stream music directly from iPhone®, iPad®, or iPod touch®. For any other modern smartphone or Bluetooth®-enabled device you stream using the wireless ConnectClip.

Stream sound from your TV

You get sound from your TV into your hearing aids, using the Oticon TV Adapter.

Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Android, Google Play, and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC.

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Opn 1 S is available with a stylish and reliable charger and long-lasting
rechargeable batteries.