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Audibel Hearing Aids: Featured Models

Audibel A3The Audibel A3 is the next generation of wireless hearing technology. The groundbreaking technology used in this hearing aid provides consistent performance, making challenging listening environments like noisy restaurants and gatherings.

The A3 will also make loud sounds comfortable; make soft sounds louder; and seamlessly stream audio from virtually any source directly to your hearing aids.

Key Features:

  • Active Directionality Detection, designed to improve speech audibility in difficult listening situations along with Voice Detect.
  • Sound Comfort Technology for distortion-free listening comfort.
  • Feedback Cancellation System.
  • HydraShield®2, water and wax-repellent moisture protection system.
  • Advanced Multi ex Tinnitus Technology.
  • Seamless integration with SurfLink line of accessories.

Audibel-A3iThe Audibel A3i is one of the most advanced hearing aids on the market today. Designed with modern life in mind, the A3i is specifically engineered with your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. That means you can easily stream audio wirelessly, or use your iPhone to remotely control your hearing aids.

In addition to the enhanced functionality, the A3i boasts all of the advanced features you expect from an Audibel hearing aid.

Key Features:

  • Advanced noise reduction technology, to make speech easier to hear.
  • Industry-best feedback cancellation for comfortable listening throughout your day.
  • Geotagged Memories: automatically switch modes when the GPS feature in your iPhone detects that you are in a tagged location. (e.g. when you’re home, your hearing aid recognizes that and automatically adjusts.)
  • Control settings to match your preferences using the TruLink app.
  • HydraShield®2 nano-coating repels water and wax.
  • Directly stream calls, music, and even FaceTime calls from your iPhone to your hearing aids.

Audibel-IIC-InvisibelThe Invisbel Hearing aid from Audibel is the world’s leading Invisible-in-the-Canal Hearing Aid. These hearing aids are custom-fit to the dimensions of your ear canal, sitting out-of-sight as you go through your day-to-day life. They are the smallest, most discreet hearing aid made by Audibel, and most popular IIC hearing aid on the market.

Key Features:

  • Active Noise Control, to reduce hearing speech in noise.
  • Technology that replicates high-frequency sounds into lower frequencies, making them easier to hear.
  • Sound compression technology, for more enhanced and natural sound quality.
  • Whistle free feedback cancellation.
  • The first, and still the best, completely invisible-in-the-canal hearing aid.


The Surflink Remote allows you to easily control a number of different settings on your hearing wirelss hearing aids: volume, memory, mute, and return to your home setting with the push of a button. Pictured: Intermediate Remote.