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When: January 9, 2016 (Original Air Date)
Who: Norman Jack (Host) and JB Robillard of Robillard Hearing Centres

Segment 01 (06:41)

Norman Jack introduces JB Robillard of Robillard Hearing Centres. They discuss JB’s recent mission
with the Starkey Foundation in the Philippines as well as how the Foundation helps you recycle your
hearing aids. Did you know hearing impairments are different around the world? Listen to hear how
recycling your hearing aids helps kids!


Segment 02 (13:46)

JB and Norman Jack discuss the importance of getting your hearing checked and the success of the
“60-Day Hearing Challenge” that helps align you with a hearing device that matches your lifestyle. JB
elaborates on the process of personalizing a hearing solution for our clients and the types of hearing
loss (sudden versus acquired) and the importance of identifying and addressing hearing loss. Listen to
learn the details about why dealing with a hearing impairment early is crucial to ensure your auditory
ability doesn’t diminish.


Segment 03 (11:42)

JB discusses the expansion into the Rideau Valley Health Centre in Barrhaven.
Perth office is open, Grand Opening is January 26-28 at Code’s Mill. Caller ask for advice on how to
broach the subject of helping a parent address their hearing loss. JB stresses how getting tested doesn’t
mean you have to buy devices immediately – it sometimes takes time for someone to be comfortable
with the transition. JB discusses the newest technology and the successful results from the participants
of our recent hearing study using the Soundlens2.


Segment 04 (09:37)

JB discusses the new 3D ear-mold scanning and printing lab that we opened at the Orleans office and
the versatility of having a digital impression on file – Robillard Hearing Centres is the only clinic in
North America offering the service. Discussion continues with the iPhone and Android wireless
technologies that help devices adapt to different sound situations using your smartphone.