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Suffering from mild to moderate hearing loss? Chances are you’re one of many who find themselves asking, “How do I know if hearing aids will work for me?” This is especially true for those who have friends or other family members that claim they didn’t work for them. But the truth is, this isn’t a viable solution for everyone, and hearing loss is far more complex than most people realize. Hearing aid technology is designed to amplify sound rather than make it clearer, which is why those who suffer from severe nerve deafness won’t benefit from it. But that doesn’t mean it won’t benefit you. The best way to determine whether it’s a good solution for you is by seeking the opinion of a certified audiologist. In the meantime, here are some ways to determine if these devices will improve your ability to hear.

Have An Audiologist Test Your Hearing

The first step that anyone should take to truly determine whether hearing aids will work for them is by booking an appointment with an audiologist. They are trained specifically for this reason – to inspect, analyze and diagnose hearing-related conditions. They’ll perform a comprehensive hearing test which will assess your ability to hear a series of sounds in both a quiet and noisy background setting. This will help them assess the real-world impact and degree of hearing loss you have, which will establish your hearing threshold. Then they’ll share their results and from there, explain what your best treatment options are and whether hearing aids will, in fact, benefit your ability to hear better. If they determine that hearing aids won’t be an appropriate avenue, they may recommend other treatments, like a cochlear implant.

Best For Treating Mild to Moderate Hearing Loss

As mentioned, hearing aids are certainly not the best solution for everyone. Hearing loss can be complex and more severe than many people realize. Those with severe deafness or sensorineural hearing loss in both ears would not be suitable candidates for this technology. In this case, hearing aids would merely distort sound rather than make it clearer to understand.

On the other hand, if you find that you can generally hear sound in a quieter environment or when sitting closer to people, you likely have mild to moderate hearing loss, which is most common. In this case, hearing aids can prove to be very beneficial as they’re designed to amplify the sound around you. There are also numerous hearing aid models that your audiologist can recommend depending on your exact needs. So if you struggle to hear when you’re out at the bar or at a dinner party, hearing aids could help to eliminate that awkward feeling when you’re struggling to understand what people are saying.

Give It Time

When your friend or family member claims that their hearing aids didn’t work for them, ask them how long they wore them and whether they had their audiologist adjust them. Many people don’t realize that hearing aids are not an instant, overnight solution. They allow your ears to hear in a new way, which naturally takes time to get used to. This process can take several months to get them functioning optimally for your degree of loss, with multiple visits required with the audiologist to have them readjusted until they’re just right. So the next time someone tells you that their device didn’t work, don’t base your opinion off of that. Come by our hearing clinic and let our experts determine what may or may not be a viable solution for you.

You’ll Only Know Once You Try

Even as debilitating as hearing loss can be, there are countless people who endure it due to doubt and procrastination. But the reality is, you’ll never really know how effective they can be if you don’t make an effort to try. You can improve your ability to hear by simply setting up an appointment to begin the process. And though you may be concerned about the cost, your audiologist can recommend a variety of different models that will suit your lifestyle and budget. Many hearing centres also offer a trial period from 30 to 60 days, risk-free. So if you don’t find them effective, you can send them back, no questions asked. This gives you enough time to test it out, get used to the devices and find the right fit for your individual needs. What do you have to lose?

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