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Curious if the ‘big box store’ hearing aids are just as good as the ones you get in your local hearing centre? It’s highly unlikely. Here in “Robillard Hearing Centres vs. Big Box stores” we will show you why regulated health care providers like ours are the better option when shopping for hearing device technology. After all, your health matters the most.

Experts vs. Amateurs

Were you aware that most big box stores do not have professional audiologists on staff? You could be talking to someone who has taken a quick test to sell hearing aids and doesn’t really understand anything about the technology. This can be a major concern for your health, especially if there’s a wrong diagnosis due to lack of knowledge in hearing loss or programming hearing aids. At a local regulated health care provider, like Robillard Hearing Centres, you will only find specially trained audiologists and hearing instrument experts. They have professional training in hearing loss and all of the latest technology in the industry to appropriately address your concerns.

The Highest-Quality Products

Big box stores offer so many products that it’s difficult to know what’s the latest and what has been on the market for years. They also have huge amounts of inventory, so they are mostly focused on their sales and less on the quality – one reason they often lag behind when it comes to offering state-of-the-art technology. At Robillard Hearing Centres, we make it a priority to stay on the top of our game when it comes to the latest developments in hearing device technology. We only offer the latest and most advanced hearing products from the top manufacturers throughout the industry. You will never receive a sub-par product when dealing with our business. All the products we offer feature the latest tech and have been industry tried and tested.

We Work For You Not The Manufacturers

You may have heard that Costco launched their own Kirkland Hearing Aid products. So don’t be surprised when you go there, and they’re trying to sell their own technology. Conversely, we don’t work for any specific hearing aid manufacturer or their shareholders, nor do we recommend one brand over another. We only prescribe the technology that is best for you and your condition. We are here to address your health concerns.

Advanced Fitting and Programming Technologies

We want you to receive the most from your hearing instrument. That’s why we take the time to properly fit and program your hearing instrument. We use Integrated Real Ear Measurement (REM) speech mapping techniques and state-of-the-art fitting, programming and measurement technologies to ensure an accurate fit and acoustic output. If you visit a box store, there’s no guarantee that the hearing aid will be fitted properly or programmed right – wasting your time and money, and not helping with your hearing!

Beyond the benefits we offer our clients when it comes to technology, we’re always two steps ahead when it comes to customer service and support. Here are just a few of the ways we outshine the “big box” competition:

Detailed Instructions and Advice

At Robillard Hearing Centres, you get much more than just the device itself when you shop. You will also receive detailed instructions on how to properly take care of your instrument. We’ll go above and beyond to advise you on the insurance and warranties, coping strategies to improve your quality of life, and the other types of hearing instruments that would be right for you.

Exceptional Training and Guidance

It’s rare to receive any training when shopping at a box store for hearing products. That’s why we also offer a number of training and therapy programs, such as the Aural Rehabilitation program, that can help train the brain to distinguish between speech and noise.

Flexible Financing Options

As a family-owned business, we understand that sometimes you don’t have the money on hand to pay for unexpected costs. That’s why we offer something most big box stores don’t — financing. We offer a number of financing options including a stress-free financing program that withholds interest and payments for an entire year. You deserve to have good hearing regardless of your financial situation.

Submitting Insurance Forms For You

Our practice will also assist you in completing any paperwork and submit the insurance forms for you! Any savings will be automatically deducted from the total cost of the purchased product, right then and there. If you shop at a big box store, you’ll likely have to organize the insurance return on your own and wait to receive it.

Funding Assistance

If you’re eligible for funding assistance from Health Canada (non-insured health benefits), the Ontario Disability and Support Program, or the Assistive Devices Program, we are registered. This will help address any financial concerns and get the funds you deserve.

There are plenty of reasons why Robillard Hearing Centres are better than the big box stores. To find out for yourself, try our free online hearing exam or come down to one of our 12 offices across Ottawa. We’ll show you the difference it makes when you work with an audiologist and hearing instrument specialist. Contact us today to arrange an appointment.