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Love Your Ears

Book a Free Hearing Test + Free 1 Month Trial on Premium Hearing Aids! Call 1-800-267-1571 or book online today!

Love Your Ears

Book a Free Hearing Test + Free 1 Month Trial on Premium Hearing Aids! Call 1-800-267-1571 or book online today!

Find Our How Good Your Hearing Could Be

Better hearing can change your life by increasing your confidence, self-expression, and ability to connect with others.

Come find out how good your hearing could be with a FREE hearing test and take advantage of our 30-day Hearing Aid trial. Plus, if you book before December 31, 2022, you can save up to $2000 off select hearing aids!

Schedule your appointment at any of our 12 locations before December 31, 2022, and test the hearing aids in your everyday life to hear the difference.


What Does It Mean?

How To Love My Ears

Why Should I Love My Ears?

Love your ears.  WHAT do we mean by it?

We know for a fact that way too many people have a hard time accepting a hearing loss. Some ignore it for years. But no one should ever feel that hearing loss is something to be ashamed of. Instead, hearing loss should be seen as a  testament to having lived an interesting life. Our ears have enabled our story.

But many of us reach a point where our ears need a little extra love and attention in order for us to continue living our best lives.

So, to focus people’s attention on hearing, we focus on the ears; the physical attribute of our hearing. Love Your Ears is a motivation. An encouragement not to compromise your mental and physical well-being. It breaks down barriers around ears and hearing and makes it natural – a matter of course – to care for them and get them tested regularly. It’s a mindset, that reflects our enthusiasm and devotion. It’s the relationship we believe everyone should have with their ears.

To love your ears is to be aware of the importance of your hearing and to feel motivated to care for it. That’s what we mean, when we tell you to love your ears.

Love your ears.  HOW should I love my ears?

We have devoted our entire professional lives to hearing. Our hope is that no one should have to go unnecessary through life with impaired hearing, when the solution can be rather simple: To love your ears.

So, how do I love my ears?

1. Well, for starters, take good care of them by protecting and shielding them from high noise exposure.

2. Pay attention to your hearing and have your ears tested annually once you reach the age of 60.

3. If you are already using hearing aids – make sure that you seek the necessary guidance to have them
properly fitted and adjusted. Not just when they are brand new – but on a regular basis, if necessary.

4. When your hearing aids have run their natural course, do make sure you come back to us to get a new and well-functioning pair.

To be aware of the importance of your hearing and feel motivated to care for it, is how you love your ears.

Love your ears.  WHY should I love my ears?

Hearing enables people to get the best out of life and each other. The best out of work. The best out of interests and passions.

Losing your hearing affects all of these aspects. Studies have demonstrated a clear link between hearing loss and cognitive decline. Specifically, people with moderate hearing loss are twice as likely to experience cognitive decline as their peers, while those with severe hearing loss face five times the risk.

That’s why we believe it’s our obligation to share our
knowledge and motivate people to act on their hearing.

Love Your Ears makes hearing a physical part of who we
are and turns people’s attention to hearing. And it actually helps, that most people have an at best ambivalent relation to their ears. To many it’s genuinely surprising to be told to love their ears. There is a friction. Why on Earth would I love my ears?

Because hearing-care is an act of self-care – it’s
prioritising your own wellbeing.

An act of self-love, really.

That is why we believe that you should Love Your Ears.

Hearing Aid Special Offers  |  Robillard Hearing Centres

The guarantee on our hearing aids includes all the service, rehabilitative support, and everything you need for three years–even the batteries.

Battery Club
Already wear hearing aids? No matter where you bought them, book an appointment to join the Robillard Hearing Centres Battery Club.

Financing Options
We offer two financing options that help make an investment in better hearing both easy and affordable for your individual needs and budget.

AIR MILES® Reward Miles
Robillard and our National Affiliated Partners are the exclusive hearing health providers of AIR MILES® Reward Miles in Canada.

Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Are you tired of your hearing aid batteries running out unexpectedly? Modern, rechargeable hearing aids are growing in popularity – and for good reason too. Just place your hearing aid in the charging station when you go to bed, and they are ready to use when you wake up in the morning. What’s more – rechargeable hearing aids mean that you don’t have to buy battery replacements or continue throwing away used batteries, which is beneficial for both your wallet and the environment at the same time.

Frequently asked  Hearing Aid Questions
How many hours does it take to recharge the rechargeable hearing aids?

If the battery is completely drained, then the average charging time is around:

  • 3-4 hours to reach full charge
  • 1 hour to reach 50% charge
  • 1/2 hour to reach 25% charge

Note that the loading time can depend on the age of the battery.

How do I know when the hearing aids are fully recharged?

The recharging process stops automatically when the battery is fully charged. On most hearing aids, the hearing aid has a small light which turns green when the battery is recharged.

How do I know when my battery needs to be recharged?

When the rechargeable hearing aid batteries are almost empty, the hearing aids send out a signal, which typically consists of three short beeps.

The signal indicates that there are about 2 hours of usage left before the hearing aids stop working. The warning sound is repeated every 30 min.

How long does my battery last before it needs to be recharged?

If your battery is fully charged, you can expect to wear your hearing aids all day. However, if you stream sound from another electronic device (such as the TV or your computer) for more than 8 hours, then you might have to recharge your hearing aids during the day

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