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Do you have difficulty hearing in certain situations? Have you been experiencing symptoms that affect your ears or your hearing? Do you have a family history of hearing loss?

It takes only a few minutes to test your hearing online (or you can book a hearing test in person). If you’re able to adjust your computer or speaker volume, our simple online test will evaluate your hearing and alert you to a potential hearing difficulty.

Our Online Hearing Test is Free and Only a Click Away

When you are ready to begin, press the play button and adjust your computer or speaker volume level until you can comfortably hear the tone.

Once you are satisfied, click Next to continue. Please do not adjust your computer or speaker volume again for the duration of the test.

The Benefits of Taking an Online Hearing Test

Online tools have certainly changed the way many doctors look at healthcare. Hearing health is no exception, allowing clinics to offer hearing tests online as a convenience to patients. This test can often be a precursor to a conversation with an audiologist, leading to improved hearing options for adults who may be hesitant about scheduling an in-person test. There are numerous benefits that arise from taking the assessment. Here are just a few:

  • Better relationships. When you struggle to hear, you might feel disconnected and reserved in situations where you used to be exuberant. You also might become frustrated more easily, struggling to hear what is being said. An online hearing test can be the first step in your journey to better hearing and better relationships with those close to you.
  • The little things. Certain sounds heard throughout the day, like the ballad of a songbird or the gentle pitter-patter of your pet’s feet are things you miss with hearing loss. The roadmap determined by your online hearing test can help an audiologist to program hearing aids that will allow you to catch the things you miss.
  • Elimination of uncertainty. If you are considering an online hearing test, it’s likely that you think you have some kind of hearing loss. This assessment can give you a more definitive answer about what is going on with your hearing, and allow you to consciously take the next steps as you see fit.
  • Determination of other health issues. Hearing damage may be a symptom of another underlying condition that you aren’t aware of, and mask serious health issues like heart disease. An online hearing test can lead to an onsite assessment (performed at a hearing clinic) that can determine the severity of your hearing loss. This in-person test can also pave the way for an improved understanding of your overall health. Please note that an online hearing test itself is not sufficient for diagnosing other possible health conditions.

Hearing technology is constantly changing and evolving for the better. These innovations have provided solutions for countless individuals, and continue to make the lives of people with hearing loss better. Ready to get started? Click the blue play button to begin the assessment. Have questions or concerns? Contact us, we’d be happy to help.

Are online hearing tests accurate?

Yes, online hearing tests are a great way to determine if you are suffering from hearing loss. For optimal results, ensure you are in a quiet area without interruptions and begin Robillard Hearing Centre’s free online hearing test. We also recommend that you consult with an audiologist about your hearing health after you’ve taken the test.

Can I test my hearing at home?

You most certainly can. In fact, our free online hearing test makes it convenient to check your hearing capabilities anywhere you choose. To start the test, press the blue play button and follow the instructions.

What are the warning signs of hearing loss?

Several factors can contribute to this impairment. You might notice that noise from the TV or radio sounds muffled, so you’re turning up the volume constantly. When speaking with another person, you could have trouble understanding them. You may then find yourself asking people to speak up or repeat themselves.

At what age do you start losing your hearing?

This age is different for everyone depending on their lifestyle. Usually, adults begin experiencing some hearing damage in their 40s, and that increases steadily as they approach retirement age. Some factors can speed up this process, such as head trauma and certain medical conditions.

Does hearing loss feel like clogged ears?

This symptom can be a side effect of hearing loss. Ringing may also be a common sound heard by an individual experiencing hearing damage. If the middle part of the ear has been injured, sounds can’t travel normally into the inner ear, giving you the sensation of clogged ears.