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Being able to hear conversations again without having to struggle is a big deal! That’s why hearing aids are such amazing little devices that truly improve and enhance the quality of life for many people. If you recently received a pair and are eager to learn more about them, here are a few things you didn’t know about hearing aids.

Hearing Aids Will Not Cure Hearing Loss

Contrary to popular belief, a hearing aid only helps you hear better. It will not cure a hearing disability and return the patient’s hearing back to normal. Instead, it amplifies the frequencies that you are missing.

Hearing Aids Are Tailored To Your Hearing

Similar to eyeglasses, hearing aids are specially tailored to your hearing needs. To get the right hearing aid, an audiologist will test your hearing and then adjust your hearing aids accordingly. At Robillard Hearing Centres, we use state-of-the-art fitting, programming and measurement technology to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality hearing aid.

Hearing Aids Are For All Ages

Many people believe that only the elderly wear hearing aids. However, that’s not exactly true. Millions of people around the world of all ages have hearing disabilities and can benefit from using hearing aids.

Size Matters

Nowadays, there are many different sizes to choose from. Some are even as small as a bean and fit discreetly in your ear. However, the size does matter. If you have more serious hearing loss, you will likely need a larger instrument that can produce greater powerful amplification.

They Can Adjust Automatically

The latest technology has made hearing aid devices much better at picking up certain sounds. Today, they can even adjust automatically. The directional microphones can detect all ambient noise and automatically filter them out to only focus on the important sound. This can help you to understand conversations even in very busy environments.

Two Hearing Aids Are Better Than One

Even if you only need one hearing aid, wearing two can help improve your hearing even more. The right and left hearing aids work by communicating with each other to allow you to hear more naturally. Having two can also help you to understand speech more clearly.

Some Are Bluetooth® Compatible

You can even connect your Bluetooth® devices to your hearing aids. This means you can easily stream the sounds from your cell phones, smart TVs and computers right to your hearing aids for better clarity.

There Are Thousands To Choose From

There are many different types of brands and models of hearing aids on the market today. But not all will be the right fit for you. Depending on your condition and budget, we can help you find the right one for your severity and lifestyle.

Some Come With Rechargeable Batteries

Back in the day, hearing aids came with large and heavy batteries that were very inconvenient. Many of the devices today actually come with rechargeable batteries. So instead of having to change these out every week, you can recharge them while you sleep!

You Can Test Hearing Aids

Many people with hearing disabilities forgo hearing aids because they fear they’ll spend the money, and they won’t work. Fortunately, many hearing aid centers will allow you to test out the hearing aids for a couple of weeks to ensure that they’re programmed right and also properly suit your lifestyle.

Financial Assistance May Be Available

Hearing aids often run between $800 for a basic instrument and $3500 for a custom state-of-the-art digital hearing instrument. Unfortunately, not all insurance policies cover hearing aids. And since everyone can’t afford to purchase their hearing aids up front, some centres provide financial assistance. At the Robillard Hearing Centres, we offer a non-interest plan that requires no payments for one year.

The Warranty Is Important

If your hearing aid does not come with a warranty, you should be wary. If a part fails that is no fault of your own; you might have to buy a new one out of pocket. At Robillard, we carry a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. We also offer an in-house service guarantee that ensures servicing and repairs span over the lifetime of the product. Some products also will come with a one or two-year loss or damage coverage.

If you’re experiencing issues with your hearing or are looking to take advantage of new hearing aid technology, come visit us at Robillard Hearing Centres. We offer a wide range of hearing aid devices as well as sound isolating earphones, ear moulds, assistive devices, batteries and more.  We’re your one-stop shop for hearing solutions. Schedule an appointment today or check out our store online to find out more about the types of services that we can offer you and your family!