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Hearing Aids

At Robillard Hearing Centres, we’re proud to offer hearing aids with the newest technology from the leading brands in the industry. Our team of professionals will help you make the best choice of hearing aids to meet your individual hearing requirements.

Hearing Aid Comparison Chart

Use the table below to find a brand and model of hearing aids that seem right for you based on their features and technology.

Invisible Products






Hearing Amplifiers
Available ColoursVarietyVarietyVarietyVarietyVarietyVarietyBlack
Wireless Connectivity
Rechargeable Solutions      
Tinnitus Solutions
Single-Sided Hearing     
Hearing LossMild to Moderately SevereMild to SevereMild to ModerateModerate to SevereMild to Mildly SevereMild to SeverMild
Battery Size10312 or 1310 or 312312 or 13312312 or 1310


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of our professionals.

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