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Oticon Sensei Hearing Aids

Sensei hearing aids for children

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Oticon Sensei Hearing Aids

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Every child deserves the best

Whatever the day may bring, these premium hearing aids help deliver the sound information needed to improve speech understanding, even in the most varied and demanding environments. Sensei empowers your child to create a better future.

Keep up with confidence

Hearing the voices of teachers in noisy classrooms and lecture halls can be a challenge for children and teenagers with hearing loss. Amigo FM is designed to help them overcome the effects of distance and noise, so they can pick up as much learning as possible.

Key Features | Oticon Sensei

  • Preserves the fine details of sound – Deliver the natural sound needed to improve speech understanding.
  • Provide comfort in noisy situations – Eliminate whistling and feedback.
  • Hear the teacher’s voice – FM transmitter and receiver in class. Plus VoicePriority i ™ adaptive FM strategy.
  • Freedom to connect – Wireless access to TV, Phones and entertainment Bluetooth audio sources.
  • LED status indicator – SmartFitTM Trainer ensures ear molds are inserted correctly.
  • Made for childhood – A design that is adventure-proof: robust, safe, allergy-free and water-resistant.
  • The freedom to select a favorite color – Being able both to choose color and to redesign the hearing aids makes them personal and gives your child a sense of identity and ownership.

Made for childhood

Children with hearing loss are just as full of life and energy as any other children. Sensei incorporates many features to ensure robust and safe hearing aids to fit their many changing needs as they grow from infancy to adolescence. The hearing aids undergo real-life testing to ensure their strength and resilience.

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