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Starkey Hearing Aids

The Right Hearing Aids, Not Just Any Hearing Aids

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Modern & Innovative Devices

Your quality of life and your ability to hear go almost always go hand in hand. So when your hearing starts to deteriorate or you experience an impairment, it is important that you find the right hearing aids with the best technology. Doing so will get you back to feeling and experiencing normal life once again. Starkey Hearing Technologies is one hearing aid manufacturer among others that have expertise in modern and innovative devices. Needs can be met on an individual basis with Starkey hearing aids as they come in different styles among which are digital and wireless.

Starkey Livio AI

Starkey Halo iQ

Starkey SoundLens Synergy

Starkey Muse

Starkey Halo 2

Discontinued Models

Starkey Muse iQ

Starkey’s Smartphone Apps

Starkey gives you even more control of your hearing aids with its TruLink app and Relax app, both of which are free! With its clean and optimized interface, the TruLink app is easy to operate. You can individually tailor the hearing programs to your individual preferences. You also have the option to define a favorite location. The new Starkey Relax app is for pure relaxation. This app can play different atmospheric sounds (e.g. the ocean, guitar music, the chiming of bells) that help you relax and treat tinnitus. The soundscape is customizable with volume, bass and treble settings being fully adjustable. Additionally, the app features a sleep timer function that allows you to set when the app should turn itself off.

In addition to the smartphone apps, Starkey has a range of hearing aid accessories under the SurfLink name that can seamlessly transform your hearing aids into a hands-free cell phone transmitter or  assistive listening device. These additional devices can work as a remote microphone and a remote control for your hearing aid system. The ever changing technology of the 21st century has helped produce some of the most advanced  and intuitive hearing aids to date. To complement this technology, hearing aids can be paired with digital accessories to make your hearing aids fit even more seamlessly into your life.

The Right Hearing Aids, Not Just Any Hearing Aids

When it comes to your hearing you should have hearing aids that are tailored to your needs and wants, you shouldn’t settle for just any device that amplifies your environmental sounds. You also need the right technology to treat your own particular form of hearing loss. Not only that, but the hearing aids need to fit comfortably in or behind your ears considering you will be wearing them for extended periods of time. This may sound a little overwhelming, but with the right help, finding the right hearing aids is actually pretty easy. This is where we can help!

Different Type of Starkey Hearing Aids

Behind-the-ear (BTE)

In BTE hearing aids, all of the technology is contained inside a durable case that sits on the back of the outer ear. Sounds are transmitted to the user’s ear directly, via a small tube or through an ear mold that sits in the ear. BTE hearing aids typically are the largest and most visible, but also the most powerful hearing aids available.

Receiver-in-the-canal (RIC)

RIC hearing aids rest on the back of the outer ear, just like behind-the-ear hearing aids. The difference between the two however is that the speaker is not inside the case with the rest of the technology. Instead the speaker is inside an ear mold or dome that sits inside the ear and then connected to the case by a wire. Due to this different setup, this type of hearing aid has traditionally been smaller, lighter and more discreet than a BTE, but not powerful enough for wearers with more extensive hearing loss.

In-the-ear (ITE)

ITE hearing aids sit inside your ear. There are various types in this category, from the slightly larger but more powerful ITC (In-The-Canal) to the smaller CIC (Completely-In-Canal) or the virtually invisible IIC (Invisible-In-Canal) Hearing aids.