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You hear with your ears. You can train your brain to listen. LACE – Listening and Communications Enhancement – is a personal computer software program that helps you train your brain to listen better. LACE is designed to help you adjust during your hearing aid trial period. But LACE can also be used by anyone – with or without hearing loss – who wants to build listening confidence in difficult hearing situations.

LACE® is a home-based, self-paced listening training program.

  • Runs on Windows or Macintosh PCs and DVD players
  • Simple and intuitive – even for computerphobes
  • Helps compensate for hearing loss by strengthening thinking and memory skills and providing communications strategies.
  • Automatically transmits your results to your health care provider for easy tracking of your progress.
  • Teaches you how to conquer listening challenges, like noisy restaurants, so you can enjoy daily activities more.