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Hearing Clinic Nepean

Rideau Valley Health Centre
1221 Greenbank Road, Nepean, ON, K2J 5V7

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We are located at:

1221 Greenbank Road, Nepean, ON, K2J 5V7
(inside Rideau Valley Health Centre)

Phone: 1-888-429-9881
Fax: 613-823-8484

Hours of operation:

Monday to Friday: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

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At Robillard Hearing Centres Nepean, we’re proud to offer hearing aids with the newest technology from the leading brands in the industry. Our team of professionals will help you make the best choice of hearing aids to meet your individual hearing requirements. How much you decide to spend on a hearing aid will depend on your individual hearing condition, cosmetic preference, and your budget. Our professional staff will assist in you choosing the right hearing aid to meet your individual needs.

Proper fitting and programming of a hearing instrument is critical to its intended function, use, and the benefits derived by the user. We are prudently reliant on state-of-the-art fitting, programming, and measurement technologies that will ensure that our customers receive the most from their hearing instrument investment.

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Take advantage of our stress-free financing program that offers no interest and no payments for a year.

At Robillard Hearing Centres Nepean, our hearing professionals are focused on high-quality hearing care, personalized treatment and innovative technology. We look forward to helping you communicate your hearing needs and finding the right solution. Call us today and speak to our pleasant Customer Service Representative and schedule your appointment today to better hearing.

Clinic Services

  • Hearing assessments
  • Hearing aid evaluation, fitting and programming
  • State-of-the-art hearing aid technology from trusted manufacturers
  • Assistive Listening Devices (ALD’s)
  • Earmolds including swim molds, noise-protection and musician plugs
  • Hearing aid batteries and supplies

Staff is extremely thoughtful and caring about their customers. They’ve been helping my mother over the last several years with her hearing devices which have exhibited some faulty technical issues. (Through no fault of Robillard.) They’ve gone the extra mile for her time and again which has helped a great deal given the frustration she’s been faced with repeatedly. Hearing impairment affects every minute of every day of a persons life when it is suddenly taken away; unfortunately it is greatly misunderstood by the rest of the hearing world.


Google Review

On Friday, August 17, 2018, I was served by Edie Pyefinch and I am very satisfied with her knowledge, patience and people skills which she demonstrated. This was not the first visit that I have had with her and her professionalism is a real asset to your firm. Kudos to you Edie!

Helene H.

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Staff at this location

Carolyn McDougall

Carolyn McDougall


Katie Hart

Katie Hart


Nicole LaCroix

Nicole LaCroix

Customer Service Representative

What does your Nepean Audiology Service provide?

Our Nepean location is a full-service hearing clinic that provides free hearing tests (Ontario residents), earwax removal, hearing aid fitting, hearing aid programming, custom ear molds, and hearing aid batteries and accessories.

How to pass an audiology test?

A hearing test is meant to examine your hearing capabilities,  which is not something you can control and/or change that will affect the outcome of the hearing test.

Our professionals are here to answer all of your hearing-related questions and will provide you with personalized solutions to fit your needs, lifestyle, and budget.


What is an audiology test

It is a hearing test where an audiologist or hearing instrument specialist will ask questions about your background, medical history, employment and sound environments.

First – they will then check your ears:

  • for wax buildup
  • general health of the ear canal
  • see photos of your ear drum

Second – perform a range of comprehensive audiological evaluations including:

  • ear drum function
  • hearing levels in the key speech range
  • speech understanding in quiet
  • speech understanding in noise
  • word recognition
  • middle ear function
  • inner ear, hearing nerve function

Last but not least, we’ll check your balance!

This is all done using the latest equipment and your results are recorded on an audiogram. Following your hearing test, your hearing instrument specialist or audiologist will review the results with you in plain, easy-to-understand language and answer any questions you may have. If you do have a hearing loss, there’s no need for alarm as we will explore all your options with you! We will then provide you with the necessary information to make a decision to best meet your unique hearing needs.

Our hearing tests produce accurate results that help us program hearing aids to the exact specifications you need.

How long does an audiology test take?

The hearing test will take about 30 minutes, and it’s painless! The consultation after the hearing test can last 45 mins — so just over an hour from start to finish. Most adults who get hearing tests are asked to wear earphones and listen to short tones that are played at different volumes and pitches into one ear at a time.

Do you offer financing?

We have two financing options available:

  • 3-Month 0% Financing
  • 1 to 5 Year Low-Interest Financing

Get more details on our financing plans