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Sound Isolating Earphones

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  • Suitable for custom ear molds
  • Passive noise isolation
  • Greater comfort
  • Increased retention

Supported Devices

  • Shure SE315
  • Beats by Dre Powerbeats3
  • Optoma Nuforce BE Sport3
  • Sony MDR-XB50AP/B Extra Bass

Musician Filtered Earplugs

hear-protection5They are designed to protect your hearing while delivering sound that’s crystal-clear and natural across all frequencies – unlike traditional earplugs, which distort the music by muffling low- and mid-range frequencies. Available with 9 dB, 15 dB and 25 dB filters.

Tunz Trio In-Ear Monitors

Experience the ultimate alternative to traditional wedge speaker monitors. Tunz In-Ear Monitors allow musicians to monitor themselves at lower volumes than they would require from wedge speakers. Listen Hear’s in-ear, custom-fit earpieces provide unmatched comfort and secure fit with unique, low-profile styling and up to 26 dB of sound isolation from ambient sounds for a better listening experience.


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