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Starkey’s Muse: Hearing Aids For Your Lifestyle

You can select the right type of Muse hearing aid that suits your lifestyle from a range of in-the-canal, in-the-ear, and behind-the-ear models.

With Muse’s ultra-high definition audio technology, you can take calls wirelessly, maintain crisp listening under diverse conditions, enjoy music and movies right down to the faintest sounds, and eliminate the need for frequent volume adjustments.

For patients with single-sided hearing loss, Muse hearing aids feature Starkey’s new wireless CROS system to enable ear-to-ear phone streaming for a clear and consistent, high quality sound.

Starkey’s Muse: For the Best Ever Listening Experience

  • Brings superior speech recognition in crowded, noisy places
  • Easily adapts to new sounds and speeds up transitions between sonic landscapes
  • Receive calls directly from your smart-phone to your Muse hearing aid
  • A dedicated music feature and music memory function provide a high-definition, enjoyable listening experience
  • Connect to TV, phone and other media through the SurfLink Mobile 2 app, which works simultaneously as an assistive listening device, phone transmitter, media streamer, and hearing aid remote
  • Multiflex Tinnitus Technology provides relief from tinnitus or ringing of the ear, a condition that accompanies 90% of hearing loss cases
  • Extra long battery timings, SurfaceTM Nanoshield anti-moisture coating, and automatic feedback cancellation

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