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Starkey Hearing Aids: Featured Models

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museHearing aid users face a long list of annoying problems with their listening devices. Some of them include:

  • Exposure to moisture and/or ear wax can cause the hearing aid to malfunction and deteriorate listening
  • Low battery life can leave you helpless at a time when you need to listen most carefully
  • Frequent need for volume adjustments; like when you’re stepping out of the car and entering a noisy mall
  • Inability to enjoy music to the fullest; you miss the finer note and deep acoustics of music
  • Difficulty in taking phone calls, inability to maintain an active lifestyle, and a jarring feedback sound whenever the hearing aid gets rubbed against something

Starkey’s next-generation hearing aid “Muse” takes care of these problems and improves quality of life by providing a natural and personalized hearing experience.

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soundlens-2The Starkey Soundlens 2 is the evolution of the Soundlens hearing aid, the first and most popular Invisible in the Canal (IIC) hearing aid on the market. The Soundlens 2 features the latest digital advancements and technologies. It’s the smallest, most advanced hearing aid made by Starkey and features a wide range of features designed for noise reduction and speech recognition.

Key Features:

  • Voice IQ2: Leading noise reduction feature; works in tandem with inVision Directionality to reduce listening effort and cognitive fatigue.
  • Sound Enhancements: Updated signal processing architecture to enhance sound quality.
  • Purewave Feedback Eliminator3: Offers feedback-free and comfortable listening no matter what they’re doing.
  • Acoustic Scene Analyzer: industry-leading directional system is designed to perform best in highly complex backgrounds of noise.
  • Hydrashield 2: Nanocoating that, combined with SoundLens 2’s unibody construction and smart component placement, makes the hearing aids durable than ever before.

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Starkey Z SeriesStarkey’s Z Series line of hearing aids is the next generation of hearing technology, with a wide range of features provided by the new 900sync™ Technology. Available in a wide variety of styles.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for noisy environments such as restaurants or gatherings.
  • Distortion-free technology for listening comfort in loud environments
  • Ultimate clarity for soft sounds
  • Best-in-class feedback cancellation for feedback-free listening all day long
  • HydraShield®2 moisture protection system to ensure dependability
  • State-of-the-art wireless streaming using the SurfLink® Mobile 2 and SurfLink accessories.

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starkey-haloHalo combines Starkey’s superior hearing technology with Apple’s iOS to deliver a solution that makes every aspect of life better – from conversations to phone calls to listening to music.

It’s the made-for-iPhone hearing aid that fits your modern lifestyle.

Key Features:

  • Stream calls from your iPhone directly to your hearing aids using Bluetooth® 4.0 wireless technology
  • Use your iPhone remotely to control your hearing aids
  • Deliver clear sound with listening clarity
  • Help you hear comfortably in noise
  • Eliminate buzzing and whistling
  • Stream FaceTime®, music and more directly to your hearing aid

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[featured_accessory title=”SurfLink Remote” image=”/wp-content/uploads/StarkeySurflinkIntermediate.jpg”]The Surflink Remote allows you to easily control a number of different settings on your hearing wirelss hearing aids: volume, memory, mute, and return to your home setting with the push of a button. Pictured: Intermediate Remote.[/featured_accessory]

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