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Aural Rehabilitation Program

This program completes the picture of a whole hearing solution
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Robillard Hearing Centres is pleased to offer a brand new program which focuses on auditory rehabilitation called the HEARa Aural Rehabilitation Program, as developed by the renowned Sandra Vandenhoff. Hearing aids are the first step, but the second step is training the brain to process, filter, and understand the sounds that come in, especially for the distinction between speech and noise. This program completes the picture of a whole hearing solution. We are the only hearing center in Eastern Canada to offer this complete approach to addressing hearing loss.

Principle of the Program: “You can help yourself when it comes to difficulties encountered by hearing loss”. With the help of support and tools to improve communication, you can improve your own life entirely through your own efforts. We are here to facilitate that training and support, putting you in the best position to train your brain to hear better.

The Program Includes:

  • Combines auditory training, lip reading and communication strategies
  • Auditory training (optional but recommended): at-home LACE software training and in-class support.
  • Lip reading: different groups of sounds will be taught and practiced each week.
  • Communication strategies: to focus on learning how to express our needs with assertion as well as using strategies that will help reduce frustrations for more effective communication.
  • Program is combined with proper amplification (prior to start of classes).

Program Details:

  • 4 weekly in-clinic group sessions of 2-3 hours each (offered at our Westgate location).
  • Sessions are run by 2 audiologists.
  • Great opportunity to interact, share and learn with others with hearing loss who are also looking to improve their communication and auditory processing skills.

This is a commitment you can make to yourself. The program is designed to guide and support you in aural rehabilitation, but the ultimate success of the program depends on the time and effort you put forth.

Interesting in learning more about this program or signing up?

For Further Reference: HEARa training and participant booklets. www.heara.ca