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Hearing Aid Selection

Lead the type of life you want to live.
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When purchasing a hearing instrument it’s helpful to identify and examine the particular activities in your life that are affected by your hearing loss. Perhaps your hearing condition adversely affects the quality of an active social life; maybe you’ve found that you have difficulty interacting with your family and friends; or you’ve discovered that your hearing loss has affected your ability to properly manage your job. There could be any number of personal reasons, but whatever yours may be Robillard can help you choose the hearing instrument that will help you lead the type of life you want to live.


Without a doubt the most important consideration for purchasing a hearing instrument is sound quality. While every hearing instrument is designed to improve the quality of sound, different hearing instruments have varying technological features designed to benefit specific types of hearing conditions. At Robillard Hearing Centres we’ll help you select the hearing instrument with the features best suited for your particular hearing condition.


Yes, as you have surmised the smallest hearing instruments are the most discreet, but if you’re among the many of us whose general dexterity could use some improvement, a more manageable size of hearing instrument may be your best avenue. At Robillard you’re sure to find the size of hearing instrument that fits your discerning taste.


At Robillard Hearing Centres we carry a wide and select range of the latest and most advanced hearing instruments on the market today. You’ll find hearing instruments that fit completely in your ear canal to models that fit neatly and unobtrusively behind your ear. Whatever your personal appearance criteria may include, we’ll help you find the hearing instrument best suited for you.


When it comes to deciding on the most appropriate model of hearing instrument for your needs you may discover that your physical make up will have some influence on your selection. The size and shape of your inner and outer ear will definitely have an effect on the hearing instrument that you can wear. But, at Robillard you’ll be in a position to find a hearing instrument that will work for you and with you.

One or Two

Binaural hearing (or two-ear hearing) allows us to determine the source of specific sounds and to accurately distinguish between the many types of sounds competing for our attention. If your hearing loss is limited to only one ear, then a single hearing instrument could be the answer for you. However, because age and noise-related hearing loss typically affects both ears, each ear will have an altogether different hearing profile. Should your particular hearing diagnosis show that you have a certain level of hearing loss in both ears, you will definitely benefit from a binaural solution. Further, in some cases, to realize the full benefit of today’s advanced digital technology two hearing instruments are required. It is interesting to note that approximately 75% of today’s new hearing instrument purchasers opt for two hearing instruments, and report a higher level of hearing satisfaction than those who selected one hearing instrument.