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Warranties & Repair

Ready to meet any of your hearing instrument repair needs.
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We repair all makes and models regardless of place of purchase.  If your hearing aids are not functioning as well as they should do not hesitate to reach out to us!

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Full Service

In addition to hearing assessments, consultation, and the dispensing of hearing instruments, Robillard’s hearing care practitioners are intimately familiar with the many types of hearing instruments on the market today from the world’s most reliable and trusted manufacturers. As part of a comprehensive series of hearing care services we remain ready to meet any of your hearing instrument repair needs.


All hearing instruments available from Robillard Hearing Centres carry a three-year manufacturer’s warranty (some restrictions apply). In addition, Robillard’s own in-house service guarantee ensures that all required servicing and repairs span the life of the product. Depending on the model of hearing instrument, loss or damage may be covered for a period of one to two years; and return fees are not applicable when a hearing instrument is returned within the 60-day trial period.