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Remote Hearing Aid Programming

We are able to program supported brands remotely
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No need to leave your home!

Remote programming allows us to adjust your hearing instruments while you stay in the comfort of your own home.

This service is available for all technology levels on the following hearing instruments platforms:
  • Oticon Opn and Opn S 
  • Starkey Livio and Livio AI 
  • Phonak Marvel 
Remote programming is achieved through your hearing aid smartphone app:
  • “RemoteCare” for Oticon Opn users 
  • “Thrive” for Starkey Livio users 
  • “MyPhonak” for Phonak Marvel users

It’s just like a regular in-office appointment, only using remote video technology. If you are interested in this service please submit an online request in the form below and someone will contact you to set up your first session, or call 1-800-267-1571.

Contact us for more information or to arrange an appointment