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Robillard Hearing Centres, in partnership with Starkey Canada, based out of Mississauga, seek participants who have an existing unaddressed hearing loss for a hearing study investigating the latest hearing aid technologies designed to provide improved speech clarity in noise. This Quick S.I.N Hearing In Noise Test is available at all of our 11 locations.

All participants will have a hearing test provided which will include a free field hearing in noise test with amplification (hearing aid) and without, which will measure the participant’s hearing in noise improvement with the latest Starkey Muse IQ technologies.

*60 day Risk free trial. Deposit is required. Must qualify.
*The data collected from this study will be used to further Starkey and RHC understanding of improved speech understanding in noise as it relates to the new Muse IQ platform.

Why participate in the hearing study?

☑️ You have or suspect an existing hearing loss, and are looking for a solution to your current hearing difficulties.

☑️ You have tried hearing aids in the past, and found them unsatisfactory when it came to hearing in noise.

☑️ You are looking for a hearing solution that will improve your quality of life.

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How can I benefit by participating in the hearing study?

  • Participation of the study allows you wear the latest Starkey Hearing aid technologies on a risk free trial for 60 days
  • Through the participation of the study, you will gain significant savings towards Muse IQ hearing aids should you wish to go forth with the purchase of hearing aids.
  • The HINT study offers you the opportunity to try the latest hearing aid technologies designed for better Hearing In Noise, thru the Starkey Muse IQ platform, that uses speech preservation in noise.

Participant Criteria

  • Participant must be a candidate for hearing aids
  • Full payment is expected at the hearing aid fitting

The primary complaint of individuals with hearing loss is difficulty understanding speech in the presence of background noise. Although hearing aids help individuals understand speech in background noise better, there is a high rate of hearing aid rejection in part due to continued difficulty understanding speech in complex listening situations. The results of this study may demonstrate that speech-in-noise test results can be a predictor of hearing aid success.

The results of this study also may lead to further studies that can evaluate interventions to improve hearing aid success for individuals who are identified as unsuccessful hearing aid users.

What hearing aid will I be testing?

You’ll get to try our new best-in-class Muse iQ Rechargeable hearing aids that last 20 percent longer than other systems, are 30 percent smaller and are 100 percent easy to use. Plus, with the industry’s longest lasting charge, your hearing aids will always be ready to go.


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