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Tools & Resources

We have developed a variety of web tools and information to help you learn more about your own hearing, which products may be right for you, and resources designed to teach you about different aspects of hearing loss.

Online Hearing Test

This is a short, interactive test that we have developed to assess your current hearing ability, and whether any action might be required. The test takes less than five minutes and you can take it right in your web browser, using your speakers or headphones. Afterwards, the test will produce a personalized audiogram, and a form to book an appointment with a hearing specialist, if you wish.

Compare Hearing Aids

If you know what features you have in mind, or need help gauging what hearing aid might be right for you, check out our Hearing Aid Comparison chart. It allows you to easily compare different models of hearing aids based on features, functionality and price.

Mobile Apps

The smartphone era has given hearing aid users new possibilities. Check out some information on the latest and greatest mobile apps that can integrate with your hearing aids, or provide activities designed to improve your listening ability.

Reading Resources

This section contains a series of articles we’ve assembled to provide information on hearing loss, hearing aid care and other related issues. Topics range from basic to in-depth, covering areas like types of hearing loss, information about hearing aids, and maintenance and troubleshooting guides.