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Free Online Hearing Test

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Do you have difficulty hearing in certain situations? Have you been experiencing symptoms that affect your ears or your hearing? Do you have a family history of hearing loss?

It takes only a few minutes to test your hearing online (or you can book a hearing test in person). If you’re able to adjust your computer or speaker volume, our simple online test will evaluate your hearing and alert you to a potential hearing difficulty.

How long does the hearing test take?

The hearing test will take about 30 minutes, and it’s painless! The consultation after the hearing test can last 45 mins — so just over an hour from start to finish. Most adults who get hearing tests are asked to wear earphones and listen to short tones that are played at different volumes and pitches into one ear at a time.

Is this the same as an in person test?

Unfortunately not. Tests performed over the internet at home may not be consistent due to background noise and other contributing factors. In our clinics, the hearing tests are performed in a soundproof booth with specialized equipment and software. We believe it is a convenient and useful tool to get a better understanding of your hearing. For that reason, if you have any concerns regarding your hearing please do not hesitate to contact one of our 12 locations.

Who should take the online hearing test?

If you are experiencing any sort of change in your hearing, taking our free online hearing test is a quick and easy way to get a better understanding of your next steps. If you have any concerns about your hearing, you can book an appointment at any of our 12 locations.

Can children or teens take the online hearing test?

Yes! Our simple online test will evaluate your hearing and alert you to a potential hearing difficulty. Make sure you can adjust your computer or speaker volume, and the test will only take a few minutes.

Can I book an in-person hearing test?

Yes, we would be happy to schedule you for an in-person hearing test. We have 12 locations throughout Ottawa and Eastern Ontario. In person hearing tests are free for Ontario residents. https://www.hearingisbelieving.com/contact/locations/

Can I Use the Online Hearing Test as an Army Hearing Test?

It is imperative that all army applicants take the same hearing test, and tests performed over the internet at home may not be consistent due to background noise, the soundcard on a computer, speakers used, etc. For that reason, only a hearing test performed by an audiologist would be accepted.

You can however, use our online hearing test as an idea to see if you MIGHT fall within the Army Hearing Standards

Will I Receive an Audiogram After I Take the Free Online Hearing Test?

You will, but note that it is really for your information. A more detailed audiogram is provided when you take a hearing test at one of our 12 locations in the Ottawa area. This more detailed audiogram is the one accepted by the RCMP or in order to determine the best hearing aid for your needs.

What Happens During a Hearing Test

At your appointment, your audiologist or hearing instrument specialist will ask questions about your background, medical history, employment and sound environments. For more information on what to expect during a hearing test, click here

How Often Should I Get A Hearing Test?

If you have a hearing loss, we recommend you return to one of our 12 Robillard locations for an annual hearing test. Regular visits help monitor your hearing loss, assess the effectiveness of your hearing aid, and provide strategies for overcoming challenges.

Why Choose a Hearing Test at Robillard?

We offer one-stop access to a full range of services for adults and children with hearing loss at 12 locations across Ontario. In addition to hearing tests using state-of-the-art equipment, we provide hearing aids, communication devices and other products, services and information related to hearing loss, as well as a wide range of accessible education and support programs.

  • Hearing aid recommendations that fit your lifestyle, budget, and specific hearing loss
  • Hearing aids that are digital, invisible, water-resistant, and Bluetooth-enabled to connect to all your devices
  • Follow-up care to see how you’re doing and if you need adjustments
  • Hearing aid batteries and accessories
  • Financing options that include 0% financing O.A.C.
  • 90-day trial periods, just in case you need a little more time to think about it