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Reading Resources

Reading Resources on Hearing Loss & Hearing Aid Care and Maintenance


    • About Hearing Loss
      Hearing loss can affect anyone. Find out more information about how hearing loss works, and prevention.
    • Types of Hearing Loss
      Learn about the three major types of hearing loss, why each of them occurs, and symptoms of sensorineural and conductive hearing loss.
    • Myths About Hearing Loss
      Is surgery an option? Will I look old wearing a hearing aid? We debunk some of the common myths surrounding hearing loss and hearing aids.
    • Useful Links
      Our directory of where to contact hearing related organizations, manufacturers, and even more information about hearing loss.
    • Types of Hearing Aids
      A quick and easy breakdown of the main types of hearing aids on the market today, including In-The-Canal, Completely-in-the-Canal, In-the-Ear, and Behind-the-Ear.
    • Troubleshooting Guide
      Having issues with your hearing aid? Check out our handy list of symptoms, and possible solutions to your problem.
    • Maintenance and Care
      Tips and best practices to keep your hearing aid and ear mold in tip-top condition, and how to clean it when the time comes.
    • Two Hearing Aids vs. One
      An overview of binaural hearing aid fitting and why, for many people, two hearing aids are ideal.

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