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What is a Hearing Aid

A hearing instrument or “hearing aid” is essentially a miniature sound amplifier, and more. Given that hearing loss is unique to the individual, hearing instruments are configured to detect sound pitches at all levels.

Every person with a hearing loss condition has variable comfort levels when it comes to sound, therefore a hearing instrument must be highly selective in how it amplifies that sound. Today’s advanced hearing instruments use programmable technology.

Results of an individual’s hearing assessment are entered into a computer using specialized hearing healthcare software that allows the hearing practitioner to adjust the hearing instrument according to the patient’s individual needs. These types of hearing instruments are often referred to as “analog programmable” or “digitally programmable” devices.

More advanced hearing instruments are “fully digital” or simply “digital”. These hearing instruments can be individually programmed and contain their own microprocessor which allows sounds to be translated into digital code. The code is processed according to the user’s needs and then converted back into sound.