Hearing Aids Cost and Financing

Good, Better, Best At the present time, hearing instrument prices can vary from approximately $500.00 for a good quality basic hearing instrument, to more than $3,000 for a state-of-the-art digital hearing instrument. Typically, advanced hearing instruments are more comfortable to wear in a greater variety of listening environments.

Dependent on a Series of Factors How much you spend on a hearing instrument will depend on your individual hearing condition, cosmetic preferences should you be able to support hearing instrument alternatives, and available finances. However, partial funding is available for most models of hearing instruments for residents of Ontario.

Effective April 1st, we will be offering a new financing option which will allow 90 days without payment on all hearing aid purchases of over $1200 total, followed by 12 equal payments at 4.9 % interest. This promotion is available until the end of June. Learn more >>

Assistance is Available At Robillard Hearing Centres financing for your hearing instrument purchase is available upon request and evaluated on a case by case basis. For those with private insurance, Robillard will assist in the proper completion of related paperwork for submission. In addition to many private group insurers, funding for hearing instruments is available from several sources within Ontario. We are registered with the Assistive Devices Program through the Ontario Ministry of Health, the Ontario Disability and Support Program, Essential Health, Social Services, Veteran’s Affairs Canada, Non-Insured Health Benefits-Health Canada, and the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board of Ontario.

Since December of 1988, the Ministry of Health of Ontario has provided funding for a portion of the cost of hearing instruments and FM systems, through the Assistive Devices Program. The grant is available for hearing instruments for all residents of Ontario who possess a valid Health Card. All necessary forms will be submitted on your behalf and deducted from your cost of your hearing instrument. For additional information you may visit the Ontario Ministry of Health’s Website.

Robillard Hearing Centres is authorized to provide the necessary information and certify eligibility to Revenue Canada for the Disability Tax Credit.

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